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Smoked Salmon Pizza Recipe

1 .Smoked Salmon  Pizza Recipe

One of the few pizzas, which incorporate fish meat instead of beef or chicken, a smoked salmon pizza consists of general toppings apart from the meat. Apart from the fish, the dill cream is also a specialty of the pizza. The cream is prepared out of mixing the dill with the sour cream. Keeping aside the dough preparation, this pizza does not take too much time to prepare.
Marinara Pizza Recipe

2 .Marinara  Pizza Recipe

Pizza Marinara is one of the most basic pizzas served at restaurants. They are quick in preparation and are extremely enjoyable. For those who like tomatoes, Pizza Marinara is a treat, as it is rich in tomatoes, oregano and garlic. The pizza provides a tangy and spicy taste.
Lavash Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

3 .Lavash Vegetarian  Pizza Recipe

Lavash Vegetarian Pizza is a mother’s delight, as one can add as many veggies as they want to this pizza, and it will still taste “yum” for the kids, thanks to the base. Lavash refers to a kind of bread, which is extremely thin and tasty. The major problem with this base is that even slightly overheating the pizza can result in a burnt base. Nevertheless, the recipe to cook a Lavash Vegetarian Pizza is extremely simple when compared to other pizzas...
New Haven Style Clam Pizza Recipe

4 .New Haven Style Clam  Pizza Recipe

This is a Neapolitan style of Pizza, which originated in New Haven, Connecticut and thus, it derives its name from it. It is different from other forms of pizza, as regular ones would have mozzarella, tomato sauce and crust as its basic components, but in New Haven Style Pizza, oregano and pecorino Romano cheese form the basic ingredients...
Bianca  Pizza Recipe

5 .Bianca   Pizza Recipe

A recipe unique to Romans, Pizza Bianca is one of the only pizzas, whose dough is 90% hydration dough. This is not possible to achieve at most places; hence, it is prepared using normal dough. Cooking Pizza Bianca is a time consuming process, as its preparation can take a lot of time...
Sausage Apple Mustard Breakfast Pizza Recipe

6 .Sausage Apple Mustard Breakfast  Pizza Recipe

This one of its kind pizza is referred to as ‘Breakfast Pizza’, as it contains fruits in its topping, apart from the traditional ones. The apple makes it sweet in taste, and healthy too! Although the preparation and cooking time required is at par with other pizzas, many eateries do offer the take away option to the working class. This is certainly not a breakfast option if one is always running late to work, though...
Steak & Blue Cheese Onion & Yogurt Pizza Recipe

7 .Steak & Blue Cheese Onion & Yogurt  Pizza Recipe

A new twist to the regular steak and blue cheese pizza, the yogurt is what makes it special. It may not be available at regular pizza outlets, but can be found at experimental pizzerias, or places where there is an option of personalizing the pizza with toppings. Nevertheless, one can definitely make this one at home...
Hamburger Pizza Recipe

8 .Hamburger  Pizza Recipe

Just like one prepares a hamburger by adding a medium amount of veggies and a meat patty, similarly a hamburger pizza comprises of more meat and sauces, and lesser vegetables. It’s a Pizza, which includes meat, cheese and sauces in large quantities. There are hardly any vegetables or toppings used. Moreover, this is one of those pizzas...
Garlic Pizza Recipe

9 .Garlic  Pizza Recipe

Like the name suggests, Garlic Pizza is rich in garlic content and spicy in taste. It is unique because of the high quantity of garlic and the usage of two different kinds of pepper. The dough continues to be that of the regular kind, but the addition of parsley gives more taste to this pizza. It is usually a quick snack for most and is widely famous all across USA. For those who like their pizza spicy...
Fried Neapolitan Pizza Recipe

10 .Fried Neapolitan  Pizza Recipe

Fried Neapolitan Pizza, originated in Italy, and is made out of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. This pizza’s specialty lies in the method of cooking, as it is deep-fried. One requires a deep fat thermometer to keep a check on the temperature. The base or bread requires authentic Neapolitan yeast, and high protein content should be added. The dough should ideally be kneaded with hands and not with spoon for better results...


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